Saturday, September 26, 2009

Is It Possible

To possess both self-confidence and humility that is rooted in the knowledge of God’s love and acceptance?

To accept the possibility of failure in our lives and on our part without being paralyzed by the fear of it?

To permit ourselves to be satisfied and pleased with our accomplishments and successes, safe in the knowledge that they are gifts from God and testaments to the talents and abilities inherent to our personal being, placed there by Him and designed to be used by us?

To live our lives in a desire for discovery of the richness that life has to offer, to live in anticipation of the mystery and challenges, understanding that those mysteries and challenges might involve pain and difficulty and yet having the courage to step out into it anyway?


  1. Perhaps for some.
    Great thoughts. Daring even...

  2. I don't know if it is possible. I do know that it is very, very hard.

  3. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for coming by. It sure as hell is very, very hard, mostly because of two things I think. One is the fact that we are surrounded by people and everyone has their opinions about how we should think, what we should feel, how we should be. And secondly there are all of these so-called religious and godly people out there who set themselves up as authorities and then proceed to tell us what God wants, what pleases God, what he expects from us which is generally someones idea of humility or selflessness, which amounts to complete and total disregard for ourselves, as if thinking about ourselves makes us selfish. These longstanding ideas (wrong though they may be) are very hard to overcome. It is extremely difficult for us to remember to look to ourselves to know what's right for us when there are voices coming at you from every direction.