Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dear People With All The Ideas About What's Wrong:

I appreciate your ideas, I really do, and I want to hear them I really do because how else will I know what needs to be changed, how else will I know what needs to be improved upon unless I hear from the people that are out there in the trenches actually getting their hands dirty?
However, all you people with big ideas about everything that is wrong and everything that needs changing, I cannot implement your ideas by just the sweat of my own brow. I cannot do it alone.

So when you come to me with your ideas about how to improve the process or make it work better or make yourself feel better please be prepared to offer up your own elbow grease in the interests of making your great ideas reality. It is all well and good that you have opinions and ideas but along with those opinions and ideas what I really need, what I really, REALLY need is people to EXECUTE those ideas, to put in the hard work that is required to bring those ideas to fruition. So if you’re not willing to put your money and your sweat and blood where your mouth is than your ideas become less of a priority to me.

Dear People To Whom the People with Ideas About What’s Wrong Come To:

If you don’t listen to the people with ideas, if you don’t provide them a chance to be a part of making things better or worse yet if you completely ignore them when they come to you, if you never, ever act upon their suggestions when they are laid at your table then they will stop coming to you and they will not be there to help you when you really need them.




  1. Wow.
    Yes jss.

    Feels like you took my own frustrations and wrote them into words that make sense.

    I love this post.

  2. It is easy to talk and hope somebody else is willing to do the dirty work but, as they say talk is cheap. A willingness and committment to actually doing what it takes, that is where the cost becomes high. The question remains, is the end result worth the cost. Depends on the individual perspective I suppose.