Sunday, January 17, 2010

Earthquakes and Food Banks

When disasters happen, this devastating earthquake in Haiti for example, I am always pleased to see the way it brings people out of the woodwork and motivates them to open their hearts and wallets. I recall back in 2004 the tsunami that hit Indonesia the Red Cross was practically overwhelmed with donations from around the world.

But of course every event has another side, including generosity. I also recall during the 2004 tsunami giving spree that the local charities suffered the consequences of all those donations going to global organizations such as the Red Cross.

This is just a little reminder to everyone who opens their hearts to those desperate (and no doubt deserving) people in Haiti, please don’t forget your local food banks, your local homeless shelters, your local soup kitchens. While you’re going online to donate to the Red Cross remember to throw a few bucks to a state or local social service because they really feel the heat during these natural disasters.

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