Monday, January 25, 2010

The Word I Hate Most

'Loser'. Don't anybody ever use it on my blog.


  1. Makes me crazy and God I hate that word. It is used so frequently and flippantly, and sometimes seriously. Why don't we just take a knife and cut the persons heart out? Same difference.

  2. Oh, jss.

    Sounds painful.

    I won't use it here.



  3. Hi WS - Actually I saw somebody use it on their own blog today as a title for a post, as in this person was letting all her readers know what a loser she is and basically she's looking for confirmation. It is one of those words that we toss around casually but to me it is just an ugly word. Sadly there are people out there that really do think of themselves as losers. Thats a hard mindset in which to make something of your life.